Clippulse is a bootstrapped product, built and operated by a single person.

I started building Clippulse out of personal frustration. I tried multiple online video makers, but none of them were able to produce the type of promo videos that I wanted, so I went back to the basics and started using video editing software. But making a promo video was harder than I expected, and after weeks of trying, I was still unsatisfied with the results. That’s when I saw a gap that needed filling and that’s why I built Clippulse.

Running Clippulse as a one-person team means every aspect of the business, from coding to customer support, gets my full attention. It's a bootstrapped product, so every feature and update comes from a place of genuine need and user feedback.

There's no team behind Clippulse. It’s just me working to make Clippulse the tool I wish I had from the start — straightforward, capable, and reliable. My goal isn't building the next big tech giant; it’s about being the right tool for the job when it comes to creating engaging promo videos easily.

The plan for Clippulse is to keep it simple and user-centric. It will stay bootstrapped, which means I get to focus solely on what users need, without outside influence. It’s about offering a way to create promo videos that look professional, without needing a professional to do it.

Thank you for supporting an indie product. I'm here to keep making it better every day, giving you a powerful solution that could help you create better videos for your brand.

Andrei Terteci

Andrei Terteci

- the founder