Create videos
that stop the scroll

Without any video editing skills required

Clippulse is a flexible tool that empowers you to create engaging animated videos for social media, as easy as making a slideshow.

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Getting noticed shouldn't be a gamble

Editing takes forever, and still, your videos don't stand out. You're aiming for likes, shares, and follows, but instead, you get silence.

It's tough when you're doing everything right but not seeing the results.

Luckily, there's a better way

Effortlessly create videos that resonate with your audience,
in minutes.


Create exactly the video you need

Everything can be adjusted to fit your vision, so you're never stuck with something that's almost right.

User Friendly

Open the tool, and you're set to go

We are trying to make your workflow smoother, not add to it.


Quality doesn't have to be costly

Get top-tier videos without the top-tier price tag, and allocate your budget where it's needed most.


Produce content that stops the scroll

Videos from our tool are designed to keep your audience watching and wanting more.

How It Works

Create videos, easier than making a slideshow.

create scenes

Create Your Scenes

Each one is a building block for your video, where you can mix clips, images, and text to tell your story, one piece at a time.

create scenes

Customize & Animate

Select any element to tweak and tune — colors, fonts, shapes and animate them with a single click.

create scenes

Export Your Video

Once it's exactly how you want it, export in high quality. Your video is now ready to keep viewers hooked.

Animations & Transitions, One Click Away

Make your videos more interesting, easily. Add movement when elements show up, leave, or even as they stay.

Entry Animations

Right when they show up, your elements grab attention. Just one click and your text, images, or videos pop into action.

Exit Animations

When things disappear, they’ll catch eyes. Pick how your elements go away, making every exit noticeable.


Seamlessly connect your scenes with transitions that keep viewers engaged and ensure a smooth flow from one moment to the next. All with a single click.

Control the duration and direction.
Make your transitions come from any direction, as long or short as you want to.
Animate with a single click.
Access over 30+ carefully designed built-in animations and transitions, with new ones being released every month.
Carefully designed animations and transitions.
Our animations are designed to grab attention and automatically make your video look good.

A timeline you won't get lost in

Instead of a cluttered timeline that's hard to navigate, we’ve made the most straightforward one.

Change the order of the scenes.
Drag and drop scenes to change their position in the timeline.
Easily adjust timings.
Drag and drop the corners of your scenes and elements to adjust their durations.
Synchronize with the music.
Automatically synchronize the durations of the scenes with the beats of your song.
Adjust zoom level.
Change the zoom level of the timeline to get a bigger overview or a more accurate view.

Don't just take our word for it

Clippulse has been used by hundreds of people to create stunning videos.

“Great product for people who want to make promotional videos. Whether you are a founder, builder or just some who has a business, this is gonna change the game for you.”

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“Amazed by how fast I built this video using @clippulsedotcom. Spent around 20 minutes creating and putting together everything you just saw here!”

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“This is Canva, but specifically to create awesome promo videos. Really simple to use, and the quality is on point.”

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“Really cool and very useful product. Times are over when you had to use after effects and take time to learn the program.”

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“I never ever considered doing a promo video because it seems so out of my skills, but after testing Clippulse for 5 minutes I'm like: I think I should be able to do that! Thanks for empowering me (and others) with a simple tool.”

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“This is a super powerful editor-video! I took it for a spin & made a promo video in about 45 minutes and it ended up looking stunning. It was a lot easier than I imagined and I’ll be definitely using it again in the future. Fantastic work!”

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Stand Out with Every Video

Create professional, eye-catching videos right from your browser. Easy to use, with no time lost.

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